This digital platform offers a seamless way for you to dispose off all your dry recyclables - paper, metal, plastic and glass. Our verified resource partners, who are none other than your neighbourhood raddi waalas collect all the recyclables from you on a scheduled date and time. Proceeds from recycling those resources go on to support a cause.

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How We Work

You schedule a pickup on our website or locate the nearest point to drop off the recyclables.

We weigh the collected recyclables and send you a confirmation via SMS or E-mail.

Proceeds from recycling go on to support a cause. You receive an acknowledgement for it.

You can subsequently track or measure the impact score on your profile.

Who Should Avail This






Retail Outlets

Bussiness Parks

Educational Institutions

Residential Complexes

What’s In It For You

Schedule a free pickup as per your convenience.

Have our trusted resource partners collect all your recyclables.

Support a cause and better livelihoods of our resource partners.

Track your impact via digital traceability.

How You Make An Impact


What is waste to you, is resource to us. Anything that can be recycled or upcycled, is prevented from going waste and entering landfills and oceans.

NGO Partners

The money generated from recycling goes on to support a cause.

Informal Sector

The formalizing of unorganized sector ensures improved livelihoods for waste workers.

Not just clients, but our

conscientious partners