Plastic Neutral Program

A “Plastic Neutral” business is one which takes environmental and socio-economic responsibility for the plastic it consumes and produces. With ReCircle’s program, you can become a plastic neutral brand by funding plastic collection projects that not only recover an equivalent amount of plastic your business puts out in the environment but also mitigates its effects on the environmental, social and economic fronts.

In accordance with how your business operates, we provide a step by step guide on how you can fund these projects and be a certified plastic neutral brand.

How We Work

We calculate your plastic footprint.

You pay for an equivalent amount of plastic you produce.

We use those funds for recycling and certify you as a plastic neutral brand.

We provide you with an impact report based on environmental, social and economic parameters.

Who Should Avail This

Wellness & Beauty Brands

FMCG Companies

Food & Beverage Industry

Health & Hygiene Industry

Alco-Bev Companies

Features Of This Service

Promote Swachh Bharat Mission Goals.

Trace the resources through our digital platform.

Work with an experienced team that ensures effective operations.

Comply with the Solid Waste Management Rules 2016.

How We Make An Impact


Jobs and fair wages given to waste pickers, thereby increasing income in the lower strata of the society by 30%.


Diverting waste from going into oceans or landfills with 100% plastic being offsetted.


Formalizing the informal sector, thereby rebuilding the infrastructure and capacity.


Initiating a circular economy movement with value engineering.

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Businesses can create a positive social and environmental impact while offsetting their plastic footprint with us. We welcome any business wanting to onboard the Plastic Neutral Program with us.