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World For All

A non-profit organisation working for animal rights of stray animals in Mumbai.

World For All is an NGO that works for the welfare of stray animals. We promote the adoptions of Indian breed puppies and kittens, provide rescue and treatment to sick and injured animals, spay/neuter adult cats and dogs, provide vaccinations, support community feeders and also provide water bowls for animals and birds. Our mission is to encourage the spirit of Co-existence by being compassionate towards animals and bettering their lives.

Our programs for stray dogs and cats in Mumbai include the following four programs:

  1. Adoptions-getting them adopted into loving homes.
  2. Rescue and treatment for sick and injured animals, we have three ambulances that provide road treatment and admit them to hospital when needed.
  3. Spay and neuter adult cats and dogs for reducing their population, cruelty and reduce animal homelessness and hunger.
  4. Teach Co-Exist: Educating students of all ages and classes about compassion towards stray animals and creating a world where they can peacefully co-exist with humans.

Do your bit, Help us make this a World For All. All our adoptions are absolutely FREE. All we're looking for in loving homes!

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