About Us

We are ReCircle

A resource recovery enterprise working towards a sustainable future. We do this by preventing resources from entering landfills and oceans. Rather, we direct them back into the economy for recycling, reusing or repurposing. Our aim is to build an inclusive, ethical, and circular ecosystem, by means of organised employment for waste workers within the informal economy. By doing this, we ensure the security of jobs and a dignified life for workers from all sections of the society.

Our Journey



RaddiConnect - started as an online portal to provide doorstep pick up for recyclables in Mumbai.



Started working with the government to set up Material Recovery Facility - an infrastructure for recovery of resources.



Began helping manufacturers to comply with their Extended Producer Responsibility(EPR) and neutralize their plastic footprint.



Transformed to ReCircle – A resource recovery enterprise with a vision of Ethical Circularity.

At ReCircle, our stakeholders are varied and we partner them all - government, brands, and informal sector - to achieve our vision of ethical circularity with multiple services.

While we continue to work with the government, enterprises, recyclers & co-processors to manage waste, we also educate consumers about waste segregation and practices that are good for the environment.

At every step of the way, our system is driven by data, analytics, and technology to enable transparency and accountability throughout the resource value chain.

We Recover, Recycle, Rethink.


To see a world where no resources are wasted by pursuing and promoting ethical circularity.


ReCircle works to move towards a circular economy for waste by

Influencing policy that supports environment consciousness within the community.


Creating infrastructure for waste management (collection, segregation, processing).


Building capacity and collaborating with the unorganized sector to formalise it, and promote inclusion.


Influencing brands to adopt sustainable processes.


Making consumers more conscious of the greater good.


Making products out of ethically sourced material.

Our Team