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FY 2021-22



Recovering India's waste

Our Impact


Years of driving an ethical, circular economy


Increase in Waste Recovery


Cities, Towns and Villages
Waste Recovery Sites


Livelihoods impacted

25,904 MT

Waste diverted from polluting landfills and oceans

"Trash is inevitable, Inaction is not!"

Everyone has the power to influence a better circularity of Waste through mindful disposal methods.
Through our annual Impact Report 2021-2022, explore the myriad ways in which ReCircle harnesses the power of the world's 7th resource: WASTE.
Learn how your support protects our nation's marginalized informal waste workers, facilitates the development of reuse, repurpose and recycle focused economy, enables corporations and brands to assume accountability for their waste generation, and mobilizes communities to save our planet from the comfort of our home.

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Sustainable Development Goals we work towards

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Are you a Conscience Citizen, Brand Owner, Small Business, Producer or Importer looking to create positive socio-environmental impact? We have you covered. Contact us for a customised solution to your recycling needs.