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FY 2021-22



Recovering  India's  waste

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2,59,04,000 KGs

of resources have been recovered.

And by the time you finish reading this,
our 2223+ Safai Saathis
would have added a few more kilos to it.

Keep the count going.


as of March 2022

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How We Work

You schedule a pickup on our website or locate the nearest point to drop off the recyclables.

We weigh the collected recyclables and send you a confirmation via SMS or E-mail.

Proceeds from recycling go on to support a cause. You receive an acknowledgement for it.

You can subsequently track or measure the impact score on your profile.

Post Collection Steps

The recyclables collected are segregated into different categories like paper, plastic, metal, glass and further segregated into sub categories within each.

They are treated and
pre-processed by baling, shredding or cleaning.

They are further dispatched to be recycled, reused or repurposed.

Voila! The new products are circled back into the economy.

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conscientious partners

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